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  • JULY 18, 2009
    Winner of 4 stars for finest seafood in King County.
  • APRIL 11, 2008
    Opening of Nazes Seafood in Kent, WA

Austrailian Style Seafood!

Always Zabihia Halal

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Welcome to Our Website!

Nazes Seafood in Kent, Washington

No matter how much time goes by, I can still remember our early days when my husband William would shop with me at the Fish Market. It reminds me of Australia where I would taste many new recipes or sit on the front steps proudly calling in that another guest was coming for dinner.

Over the past few years we have perfected our cooking and we hold fast to these simple principles: serve the freshest, finest seafood available, provide outstanding service, and create a memorable dining experience for our guests.

All chicken and beef products used in our food are Zabiha Halal.

Thank you for dining with us.

Nazes Seafood
is celebrating its
10yr Anniversary
on 14th of April 2018 from 11am to 8pm.
Customer Appreciation day.


- Rachel Lucero

This place has the best seafood around. You have to try the potato scallops, they're the best! The employees remind you of a different time, when customer service actually used to matter. Clean, friend;y and great food. I recommend it.

- AJ

My sister loved the decor in your establishment especially the old looking vintage screen door in the back. I like the idea of picking your own food from the case. This is my first time coming, hope to continue coming here.

- Joe Alonzo

This is a very, very, very clean restaurant and the fish is lightly breaded - no filler.

- Katie Stenson

Best seafood in town. Best service as well..

- Dave

The best fish tacos we ever had - Love them! The best fish and shrimp around too. Highly recommended - great for lunch or dinner.

- O.S.

This place is amazing! All of us EMT's in the area eat here because the portions are huge and the food is great and for a good price..

- Sarab Lujna

Continuously great quality food, along with friendly customer service. Being muslim it is very hard to find a restaurant with excellent quality and halal meat. Nazes satisfies both.

- Greg Blair

This place is a haven for me. It's like I never left Australia. The flavor is awesome and I love the service.

- Kelly Speig

Best sandwich I've ever had in my whole life of any kind of meat!

- Angela

This place has the best fish burrito EVER! This is definitely my favorite place for Food. NAZES SEAFOOD ROCKS!! .

- JR Blazer

This place is the best. Anything on the menu is awesome, trust me I've tried each one! If you like fried food, especially seafood, this is the spot. Great food. Great people!

- Marc Eddy

Found this place online. Seat of a find, eally don't want to share because I like having the place to myself. But if I must say, I agree with the others. Potato Scallops, crispy seafood burritos, chicken, aussie pies, and fried Halibut are the best! And, for a healthier choice they will grill anything, but their breading is the best. Don't forget to try the fried Oreo cookies for dessert!.

- Chris

This place is great. Reminds me of the fish bars in Australia. Best seafood and pies around.

- JJ

Love the Aussie Pies! The only fair Dinkum Tucker around. Gotta try the Deep fried Oreos. Wow!

- Ian

Both the crisp seafood burrito and the fried oreo were awesome! Mmm..deep fried goodness!

- Eric and Dot

We love everything. So glad that our friends Ken and Rise introduced you to us. We are spreading the place to everyone we know, our family loves your seafood too. Recently we went back to England (our birthplace) and were disappointed with their fish and chips. Had to come back to Nazes for a good fish and chips.. Our congradulations to Will, Naz and Ralph. Love ya.

- Willy & Debbie

The best fish tacos we ever had - love them!


Thanks for the high quality Halal food. Really love it.